Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Vienna

While visiting a foreign city, eating accounts for a significant experience. As multiculturalism defines the city, you’ll find a broad range of cuisine varieties as well. Hence, you can enjoy an elegant dinner in a high-end restaurant, eat a large meal at a shabby Asian restaurant, or opt for the typical Viennese café. Hence, regardless of your taste and budget, you can always find it in Vienna.

  1. Tunnel Vienna – Florianigasse 39, 1080

Tunnel one of the most popular budget restaurants based inVienna. Concurrently,it is mostly beloved by students. The variety of food is far-reaching, not to mention that it tastes delicious. And the prices are convincing as well.

A breakfast plate is only 3 euros, which is a total bargain in comparison with other coffee houses. Also, the lunch menus cost about 5-6 euros, a fantastic sum if you wish to eat a large meal at a low cost. At the same time, you can enjoy an incredible atmosphere there; a band plays every night. However, typically, there is a charge if you wish to eat during those hours.


  1. Pizzeria Mafiosi – Reindorfgasse 15, 1150

This is another restaurant targeted by students. If you’re a big pizza fan, this should be your first option for great tasting, affordable, huge pizzas. Everything on the menu costs less than sixeuros, and a glass of beer costs 2 euros. Additionally, the pizzeria is located in a great spot as well, south the center of the city, near the one and only Schönbrunn Palace. You can stop by before or after visiting the palace.

  1. Esterházykeller – Naglergasse 9

This budget restaurant is so much more than a typical delightful Viennese place. Moreover, it carries a major historical significance, as it has been running since 1683. Concurrently, Joseph Haydn used to frequent this place.

Here you can enjoy an extensive variety of typical Austrian dishes, which comprise mostly of meat. However, there are some equally delicious vegetarian options as well. The price per meal starts from 6 euros and the traditional Wiener schnitzel costs about 11 euros.

  1. Café Hummel – JosefstädterStraße 66, 1080

If you wish to enjoy your meal at a particular local Viennese café, on a budget, this is your best choice. It’s situated in one of Vienna’s most beautiful districts and accounts for a draw point for tourists, students, and daily local customers who wish to enjoy traditional, affordable dishes.

  1. Der Wiener Deewan – Liechtensteinstraße 10, 1090

The atmosphere and reasonable prices at this budget restaurant make it an attractive choice for students in particular. A buffet is served on a regular basis, so the meals are fresh and delicious.

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