The Coolest Hotel Amenities You Wish You’d Had

While most of the world is happy with a clean room and a complimentary breakfast, others want more. As hotels are trying to please everyone, they are creating more and more of the coolest hotel amenities that most never even knew existed. Let’s take a look at what these amenities are below.

Private Shopping Experiences


Many hotels hook up with local lavished stores to provide a private shopping experience for their patrons. The hotel will typically chauffeur the guest to the store in the early morning or late at night so they can have the entire store to themselves.

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Private Pianist


If you would like to hear the sounds of classic music, then you can get a private pianist sent to your luxury suite. This option is available for intimate shows or for those who are hosting a multitude of guests in their hotel suite.

Complimentary Vehicles


Some hotels and resorts have decided that allowing their customers to use complimentary vehicles is pushing up their attractiveness. These aren’t your ordinary vehicles either. With luxury suites come luxury cars. One of the most popular complimentary cars to drive while on vacation is a Porsche.

The Fireplace Butler

Having a fireplace in your hotel room can allow for an intimate lighting the can create a night you will never forget. Although what happens when you have trouble lighting the fire or you just have never lit one before? No problem. You simply call the fireplace butler and he comes up to your room to light the fire for you. If that’s not enough, he will even bring you hot cider or hot chocolate.

Fitness Clothing And Gear


You can keep up with your workout without having to worry about traveling around with all your gear. Whether you are a runner, weightlifter, or boxer, the hotel will send up fitness gear to match your sport. Most will have fitness rooms right in the hotels and the ones that don’t will take you directly to a place that does.

Private Bartender


Don’t feel like spending the night out? That’s okay as you can get your very own bartender. You can have your drink refreshed whenever you go empty without waiting. You can even bring the whole party back to your hotel suite so that you and your closest friends can enjoy good drinks and quick service.

Romance Upgrades


When it comes to booking an accommodation in Christchurch to spend with your lover, you need to ensure you get the romance upgrades. Most hotels will offer an array of upgrades that will help to make your stay as romantic as possible. Some of these upgrades include a guitarist, rose petals on the bed, a candlelit private dinner, horse-drawn carriage rides, and messages in bottles left for your lover.

As you can see, there are a ton of cool hotel amenities that most don’t even know exist. Next time you decide to visit a hotel ensure you pick one that has some of these awesome amenities, although expect to pay extra for them.