Planning A Last Second Escape Flight

Want to get away? Quickly? In 3 days or less? There are websites that have discounted trips to any destination, whether it is an escape flight, a cruise, or a bundle package, which includes hotel accommodations. That’s a lot to consider, which means not enough time to prepare for the mini-vacation. It is easy to rush through it all and forget one crucial thing. Here are a few tips to ensure that escape vacation preparation is perfect to do in a short amount of time.

Look Into Special Discounts For Flights or Accommodations

When it comes to seeing what is available, you don’t have to keep on checking every day. You could take a few hours to see what fits with your schedule. In the process, note seats tor hotel rooms that are cheaper to buy because they are undersold. You will find several options available with multiple clicks. It is even better if you have miles accumulated, as you won’t have to use that many miles for a free flight. That’s the power of having certain credit cards associated with certain airlines based on how much you spend every month.

Hotel Nights For Sale

Booking a hotel room, as mentioned above, is just as easy as booking a flight at short notice. Just make sure to read up on how getting rooms for low rates works for the hotel of your choice, especially for those big name hotels. They also have rewards points for every time you stay at one of their hotels, whether it’s a Sheraton, Hyatt, or Marriott. Call them and ask, just in case. A free night can come with a free flight. Just be careful in those sneaky fees for such a last-second booking.  


Hotel, flight, suitcase, camera…anything else? Yes. If going abroad to another country, make sure you have a passport that is still useful. Some people who don’t travel out of the country a lot (if ever) don’t have one, but you will need one, even for a cruise, or a weekend in Canada, or a 50-minute flight from Dublin to London. Another thing is weather. Look at the forecast and what the temperature is generally like in a certain place that time. It rains in Seattle and it’s super dry in Phoenix. Don’t choose a place you many not like because of the weather. Take account of your funds. Credit cards, debit card, cash – call the bank if you go abroad. Look up the city’s transportation system and plan out place-to-place of where you want to go when there. You could improvise, but that could be too much.

If the desire to travel strikes and you want to get on that escape flight soon, make sure you know what to do and get everything done efficiently where nothing is forgotten. It is daunting to do all of this so quickly and knowing that any flights is expensive or the hotel is expensive or the logistics of moving back and forth in a few days to see everything. But sudden-urged trips can be exciting, fun, and easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be planned out from two months out; it can be done two weeks out.