Know about most famous destinations of Albania

Albania is a little country but definitely there are many exciting things to do and see in the famous locations. Slowly, Albania is becoming one of the best tourist destination sites while it is popularly known to boast best example of the ottoman architecture all around the world along with stunningly fabulous beaches and clear Mediterranean air. You should also plan for the Albania holidays as it can be completely affordable trip while many times offered by the online trip planners. Your planning for the Albania can be best as this place is less crowded and much cheaper in comparison to other holiday countries.


People generally flock over here for the stunning sunsets and sightseeing beaches while this place can also become great to enjoy beautiful gardens and parks. You can also find large number of theaters, religious places and beaches at Albania. People planning for the trip should also know about the main destinations of Albania while some of them are listed below:

Albania Riviera

There is steep coastline in the southwest of the country that is much quite and less crowded as compared with Italian Riviera. The beautiful beaches would surely attract you for the sunbathing and swimming while major attractions and many new hotels would surely draw attention of the tourists. Behind the Albania beaches resort, people can also find number of dramatic mountains and small romantic villages.

Albania has also achieved its popularity as the important music location and numbers of international music festivals are also celebrated here. Some of the beaches are popularly known for their night clubs that mainly draw attention of youth across Europe to Albania Riviera.


This city forms wonderful combination of the western and eastern cultures, traditions, outlooks and costumes. It is located at the middle of the country at river Osum. This place holds an Albania history as the major treasure trove where people can also look for the original castle at the hills that also contains a district with number of mosques and churches while that is totally worth a watch. The houses of this city are with large window frontages while this place is also called as city of thousand windows.


Tirana is the capital city of Albania and you can search for many of the best places at Tirana. This city is quite affordable and you can also meet majority of Albania locals. Surprisingly both the excellent drinks and good food are offered at very cheap prices. The most important place of Tirana is Skanderbeg square where you can find national historical museum.

Llogara pass

This is one of the most famous places of Albania that can provide spectacular drive. The long road travels above the sea level and majestic view would surely take your breath away. You can also find some of the unique or ideal places for the enjoyment with the good range of restaurants and with most stunning sites. Definitely, llogara national park is home for animals like European wild cat, golden eagle and fallow deer.