Great Cheap Eats in San Francisco

For anyone who plans on going on a road trip to California in RV rentals, a visit to San Francisco is a must. From the views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the fun festivals and activities and places to eat, this is the city where life is great and prices are… high.

Yes, that’s right; San Francisco has it all and with this comes sky rocketing prices. But before you decide to cancel your trip to the “City of Love,” check out our five favorite SF restaurants where you can have a great meal for under $20.

Lolo Cevicheria

When I visited San Francisco, I stayed in the Mission District. As I explored the lively streets looking for a good place to eat, I came across Lolo Cevicheria. I worked as a nanny at the time, so I didn’t have more than 20 dollars to spend on a meal, but I ate and drank well for that amount at Lolo Cevicheria.

Image : BY Alan Levine via under a Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0

Lolo Cevicheria is a restaurant that combines Mexican and Peruvian cuisine to make mouthwatering dishes. While there, you must try the michelada. Delicious and authentic, it’s a fabulous drink to accompany a delectable ceviche.

Taqueria El Farolito

Also located in the Mission District and another restaurant where I satisfied my insatiable appetite while visiting San Francisco was the Taqueria El Farolito. Here, you will find that prices are highly accessible and the flavors worth every penny that you spend on what are known as the most famous burritos in the U.S.

Z & Y Restaurant

This restaurant is well-known and located in a place that you must visit on your trip to San Francisco: Chinatown. As a popular restaurant, you would think that the dishes are overly priced, but the fabulous news is that they offer great prices on mouthwatering dishes. While some dishes may be priced above your budget, for the most part, you can pick a great option for about $11.00. The only thing that you should be prepared for are the large amounts of equally interested customers who also want to try the best Chinese food in town.

The Soapbox Café

Along the same theme of oriental cuisine, The Soapbox Café offers a variety of Vietnamese style dishes that are sure to make you want to come back for more-which I think is a great idea. You won’t be breaking bank for $8.00 sandwich combos or other fairly-priced items on the menu. I’m confident that you will love the authenticity and friendly atmosphere at The Soapbox Café and will make this restaurant a staple for future visits.

Bar Crudo

If you are in the mood for seafood, Bar Crudo has fabulous dishes for low prices at happy hour. While the prices may be high during regular hours, it is worth it to stop on by during the hours of 5:00-6:30.

Image: BY vanessa lollipop via under a Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 2.0

You will find excellently priced clams, mussels, and more on the menu while barely spending anything. It’s the best idea for those times when you want to satisfy those seafood cravings.