5 Places For Wildlife in NZ

What could be better than setting out in a campervan hire to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand? There isn’t much that tops that, except for maybe road tripping to areas with wildlife. It isn’t Africa, but New Zealand has some interesting species that you may want a chance to see in your lifetime, so why not plan a few stops on your trip for the purpose of getting to know New Zealand’s wildlife.

While you may have some national parks to see along the way, you may want to add these areas to your itinerary:

  • Kaikoura: If what you want to see while in New Zealand is marine life, the best place to go is Kaikoura. There you can expect to see sperm whales, humpbacks, and orcas during the months of March to October with the sperm whales visiting all year long. While New Zealand doesn’t have much in the way of land animals, other than a plethora of birds, the whale sightings are glorious and are definitely a must-do during your trip to New Zealand.
  • Oamaru: You can see dolphins and seals in Oamaru, as well as whales, but a very special animal that you won’t want to miss out on seeing is the Hoiho, an endangered species of penguin. They are a bit different looking than your average penguin with their piercing yellow eyes, but if you like penguins, you will be sure to like these little creatures.
  • Tawharanui Regional Park: Located near Auckland, the Tawharanui Regional Park is where you will find kiwis which are a bird not only native to New Zealand, but also where New Zealanders get their nickname from. A trip to New Zealand is not complete until you have seen a kiwi.
  • Banks Peninsula: For a chance to see little blue penguins-also known as korora-you will want to visit Banks Peninsula near Christchurch where these adorable creatures love to come out and play, especially at night. They are the smallest penguins that exist which also makes them the cutest—in our opinion. How can you not love cute little chubby looking blue and white birds who just happen to be penguins?
  • Haast rainforest: There is just no way that you can visit New Zealand without taking a chance at seeing the Tawaki. These very rare and very odd-looking but somewhat adorable birds can’t be seen just anywhere, so it’s worth your time to visit the Haast rainforest to catch a glimpse. They look like something out of a cartoon and are a lot of fun to observe from a distance.

For those who love penguins and odd-looking birds, New Zealand is an animal paradise. If whales fascinate you, you will also appreciate how easy whale watching can be, especially during the months of June to August. Whether you come to see the strangest birds to be found in the world, penguins, or whales, you will be glad that you had a wildlife experience during your time in this incredible country.