Discover Clarendon London serviced apartments

The hotels call you as guests but in reality treat you like prisoners at exorbitant rates. Why should be confined in such an option where you can have serviced apartments at as low as 100% of what you will shell out in a hotel?

Incredible but true, as Clarendon London is offering top class serviced apartments around London, they offer many options for location, price, and accommodation. No more outdated or cramped accommodation but spacious apartments in a serene atmosphere, you get spic and span rooms, linens and towels.

You are not dependent on regular and tasteless junk foods offered by hotels. The kitchen of the apartments are well equipped with plates, cooking vessels, cutlery and fridge, microwave oven, etc.,

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You can try out your culinary skill here. The laundry machines, ironing service all are provided for you in these apartments thoughtfully.

Kindly browse and explore the full range of services Clarendon is offering you. After all, Claredon is in the service apartment segments for pretty long time and knows what connoisseurs like you look upon for a short or long stay.

Like our hosts of customers, you are also sure to say Wow, thank you.

Unlike in a hotel, you need not bother about the parking facility in a service apartment Clarendon provides. You are covered head to toe here at a rock bottom price. With a reliable Wi-Fi connection and TV, you are connected to the world and your social media groups. Transportation facility both public as well as private is available at your convenience.

You develop a kind of intimacy with Clarendon just like your own home. The largest holiday home is six bedded just sufficient for a small family. With enough bathrooms,  sitting room, and dining room, you would wish not to leave the place, but we ate sure to see you back soon just as like our other customers do.


The Coolest Hotel Amenities You Wish You’d Had

While most of the world is happy with a clean room and a complimentary breakfast, others want more. As hotels are trying to please everyone, they are creating more and more of the coolest hotel amenities that most never even knew existed. Let’s take a look at what these amenities are below.

Private Shopping Experiences


Many hotels hook up with local lavished stores to provide a private shopping experience for their patrons. The hotel will typically chauffeur the guest to the store in the early morning or late at night so they can have the entire store to themselves.

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Private Pianist


If you would like to hear the sounds of classic music, then you can get a private pianist sent to your luxury suite. This option is available for intimate shows or for those who are hosting a multitude of guests in their hotel suite.

Complimentary Vehicles


Some hotels and resorts have decided that allowing their customers to use complimentary vehicles is pushing up their attractiveness. These aren’t your ordinary vehicles either. With luxury suites come luxury cars. One of the most popular complimentary cars to drive while on vacation is a Porsche.

The Fireplace Butler

Having a fireplace in your hotel room can allow for an intimate lighting the can create a night you will never forget. Although what happens when you have trouble lighting the fire or you just have never lit one before? No problem. You simply call the fireplace butler and he comes up to your room to light the fire for you. If that’s not enough, he will even bring you hot cider or hot chocolate.

Fitness Clothing And Gear


You can keep up with your workout without having to worry about traveling around with all your gear. Whether you are a runner, weightlifter, or boxer, the hotel will send up fitness gear to match your sport. Most will have fitness rooms right in the hotels and the ones that don’t will take you directly to a place that does.

Private Bartender


Don’t feel like spending the night out? That’s okay as you can get your very own bartender. You can have your drink refreshed whenever you go empty without waiting. You can even bring the whole party back to your hotel suite so that you and your closest friends can enjoy good drinks and quick service.

Romance Upgrades


When it comes to booking an accommodation in Christchurch to spend with your lover, you need to ensure you get the romance upgrades. Most hotels will offer an array of upgrades that will help to make your stay as romantic as possible. Some of these upgrades include a guitarist, rose petals on the bed, a candlelit private dinner, horse-drawn carriage rides, and messages in bottles left for your lover.

As you can see, there are a ton of cool hotel amenities that most don’t even know exist. Next time you decide to visit a hotel ensure you pick one that has some of these awesome amenities, although expect to pay extra for them.

Great Cheap Eats in San Francisco

For anyone who plans on going on a road trip to California in RV rentals, a visit to San Francisco is a must. From the views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the fun festivals and activities and places to eat, this is the city where life is great and prices are… high.

Yes, that’s right; San Francisco has it all and with this comes sky rocketing prices. But before you decide to cancel your trip to the “City of Love,” check out our five favorite SF restaurants where you can have a great meal for under $20.

Lolo Cevicheria

When I visited San Francisco, I stayed in the Mission District. As I explored the lively streets looking for a good place to eat, I came across Lolo Cevicheria. I worked as a nanny at the time, so I didn’t have more than 20 dollars to spend on a meal, but I ate and drank well for that amount at Lolo Cevicheria.

Image : BY Alan Levine via under a Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0

Lolo Cevicheria is a restaurant that combines Mexican and Peruvian cuisine to make mouthwatering dishes. While there, you must try the michelada. Delicious and authentic, it’s a fabulous drink to accompany a delectable ceviche.

Taqueria El Farolito

Also located in the Mission District and another restaurant where I satisfied my insatiable appetite while visiting San Francisco was the Taqueria El Farolito. Here, you will find that prices are highly accessible and the flavors worth every penny that you spend on what are known as the most famous burritos in the U.S.

Z & Y Restaurant

This restaurant is well-known and located in a place that you must visit on your trip to San Francisco: Chinatown. As a popular restaurant, you would think that the dishes are overly priced, but the fabulous news is that they offer great prices on mouthwatering dishes. While some dishes may be priced above your budget, for the most part, you can pick a great option for about $11.00. The only thing that you should be prepared for are the large amounts of equally interested customers who also want to try the best Chinese food in town.

The Soapbox Café

Along the same theme of oriental cuisine, The Soapbox Café offers a variety of Vietnamese style dishes that are sure to make you want to come back for more-which I think is a great idea. You won’t be breaking bank for $8.00 sandwich combos or other fairly-priced items on the menu. I’m confident that you will love the authenticity and friendly atmosphere at The Soapbox Café and will make this restaurant a staple for future visits.

Bar Crudo

If you are in the mood for seafood, Bar Crudo has fabulous dishes for low prices at happy hour. While the prices may be high during regular hours, it is worth it to stop on by during the hours of 5:00-6:30.

Image: BY vanessa lollipop via under a Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 2.0

You will find excellently priced clams, mussels, and more on the menu while barely spending anything. It’s the best idea for those times when you want to satisfy those seafood cravings.

Planning A Last Second Escape Flight

Want to get away? Quickly? In 3 days or less? There are websites that have discounted trips to any destination, whether it is an escape flight, a cruise, or a bundle package, which includes hotel accommodations. That’s a lot to consider, which means not enough time to prepare for the mini-vacation. It is easy to rush through it all and forget one crucial thing. Here are a few tips to ensure that escape vacation preparation is perfect to do in a short amount of time.

Look Into Special Discounts For Flights or Accommodations

When it comes to seeing what is available, you don’t have to keep on checking every day. You could take a few hours to see what fits with your schedule. In the process, note seats tor hotel rooms that are cheaper to buy because they are undersold. You will find several options available with multiple clicks. It is even better if you have miles accumulated, as you won’t have to use that many miles for a free flight. That’s the power of having certain credit cards associated with certain airlines based on how much you spend every month.

Hotel Nights For Sale

Booking a hotel room, as mentioned above, is just as easy as booking a flight at short notice. Just make sure to read up on how getting rooms for low rates works for the hotel of your choice, especially for those big name hotels. They also have rewards points for every time you stay at one of their hotels, whether it’s a Sheraton, Hyatt, or Marriott. Call them and ask, just in case. A free night can come with a free flight. Just be careful in those sneaky fees for such a last-second booking.  


Hotel, flight, suitcase, camera…anything else? Yes. If going abroad to another country, make sure you have a passport that is still useful. Some people who don’t travel out of the country a lot (if ever) don’t have one, but you will need one, even for a cruise, or a weekend in Canada, or a 50-minute flight from Dublin to London. Another thing is weather. Look at the forecast and what the temperature is generally like in a certain place that time. It rains in Seattle and it’s super dry in Phoenix. Don’t choose a place you many not like because of the weather. Take account of your funds. Credit cards, debit card, cash – call the bank if you go abroad. Look up the city’s transportation system and plan out place-to-place of where you want to go when there. You could improvise, but that could be too much.

If the desire to travel strikes and you want to get on that escape flight soon, make sure you know what to do and get everything done efficiently where nothing is forgotten. It is daunting to do all of this so quickly and knowing that any flights is expensive or the hotel is expensive or the logistics of moving back and forth in a few days to see everything. But sudden-urged trips can be exciting, fun, and easier than you think. It doesn’t have to be planned out from two months out; it can be done two weeks out.

Rent Chalet Courchevel for an Entire Season and Enjoy The 4 Benefits

The skiing resort of Courchevel is known for offering the tourists an unforgettable skiing experience. Situated in the French Alps, the mountain chalets here are designed in such a way that it can cater to the various needs of all the ski-lovers who come to this resort area. Though these chalets can be chartered for a minimum week or months; but opting for a whole season, however, has its own advantages. Keep on reading to know about the benefits that you can enjoy when you rent chalet Courchevelfor a whole season.

No Need to Carry Extra Baggage

The biggest advantage that you can have by choosing to rent chalet Courchevel is probably the thing that there will be no need to carry any extra baggage with you. No matter how many time you choose to visit the chartered chalet of yours, you don’t have to bear the load of carrying the skiing equipment with you every time, as you can keep them there for the entire season. You can travel easily with light baggage between the chalet and your home for a full season.

Better Learning Opportunity

If you wish to master your skiing skills on the French slopes, then what can be a better option that leasing a chalet for the full season. After all, the more one will practice, the better his/her skills will get. Naturally, the skiing ability that you can develop by staying in Courchevel for a long time will be no match for the skills that you can gather in a week or so. Not only you can have more ski training, but you can also learn lots of new things through your long association with the teaching facilities.

More Time to Explore the Locality

When you’re in an astounding place like the French Alps, it’s very natural to want to explore the local areas and surroundings as well, apart from having the skiing adventure. When one rent’s a chalet for a week or month, it does become difficult to adjust the time for anything else rather than focusing on skiing, the main purpose of visiting Courchevel. However, when you rent chalet Courchevel for an entire season, it leaves you time enough to enjoy opportunities, such as gathering knowledge about the locals, exploring new places to drink and eat, communicating with the local people and much more.

Can Invite Anyone for Staying

Renting a chalet for a full season in Courchevel will also let you invite your family and friends to spend time with you. Even if you had to go back to home for any work, other members whom you have invited, can stay there and enjoy the surroundings. Instead of a Sunday, when you can spend an entire holiday with your near and dear ones, that also in such an amazing place, then the idea of choosing to rent chalet Courchevel for the full season begins to seem more alluring than ever.

A seasonal renting will not only allow you the liberty of relishing the beauty of the French Alps the way you want; but also will save you from the trouble of waiting for your preferred chalet to get vacant, so that you can rent it.

Important Tips For Your NZ Journey

If you are ready to set off on a road adventure in New Zealand, the you are in for a truly scenic and breathtaking experience. New Zealand boasts some of the most rugged and majestic terrain in the world, and travelling by the open road is by far the most popular and convenient method for taking it all in. Before you head off to the campervan hire site to start your journey, take a look at these tips which will make for the best possible New Zealand road experience.

Embrace The Remote Landscape

Unlike traveling in some other areas, the wilderness in New Zealand is made up of large stretches of truly remote wilderness landscapes. At times you will drive miles and miles before you even see another vehicle on the roadway. Take advantage of this remoteness by enjoying the amazing views in peace. Take some time to have a picnic next to the road with a spectacular mountain panorama in front of you. The under-population of New Zealand is its true draw for travelers, so make sure to embrace it and make the best of it for your journey.

 Be Spontaneous

Of course we all love to map out a journey, and you should definitely do so for your New Zealand trip, but don’t forget that much of this area’s beauty lies off the beaten path. Leave room to be spontaneous, taking a road that looks interesting or following your instinct on a detour toward some amazing-looking scenery. Chances are you will stumble across a truly amazing view and an experience you will never forget. If you hadn’t taken that road or that detour, you would have missed it. So remember to be spontaneous ouot on the New Zealand roads.

Bring Accessories

Whether it’s a USB adaptor or a cable plug, make sure to bring along whatever digital accessories you will need on the road. These items tend to be rather pricey in New Zealand, so you will surely feel the sting if you plan on grabbing whatever you need while traveling. Make sure to do a thorough checklist of all essentials before you go, since you will be spending long stretches of time in remote wilderness and may not have ready access to establishments selling needed items.

Check The Weather

It is very important to keep a close eye on the weather when travelling in New Zealand. Even if you’re setting out in the summer, the various regions you will be passing through are subject to drastic weather shifts. This is especially true in the mountain regions. Always make sure to check the weather in the mornings for the areas you will be traveling. This will save you from being caught up in an unexpected storm that may put a damper on your travels.

Take Advantage Of Campervan Sites

There are a number of sites for campervan travels across New Zealand. Weary travelers should take full advantage of these as a place to relax, enjoy the amenities, and bed down for the night. Plus, you are sure to run across other journeyers at these sites and will no doubt have a great time trading stories of your adventures.

A New Zealand campervan journey will be the experience of a lifetime, so keep these tips in mind and set off on your adventure as soon as possible.

The Ultimate RV Spring Break Guide

If you’re planning on going on a road trip with the guys in an RV rental this spring break, the options are often overwhelming. Here are 3 excellent options you should seriously consider before hitting the road:

Charleston, South Carolina to Outer Banks, North Carolina (Route 17)

Without doubt, Route 17 which meanders alongside the Atlantic coastlines of South and North Carolina, is one of the most exciting in the US’ southeast. Starting out in Charleston, a popular tourist stop with a host of cool eateries and hip bars, head north towards either Surfside Beach or Myrtle Beach depending on how much exposure you want to nightlife and the party crowds. For motor enthusiasts, make sure you visit the Wheels of Yesteryear but if you’re more of an adventure junkie, try one of the personally-guided kayak tours or any of the many waters sport companies that exist in the area. From here, head further north to the NC’s amazing Outer Banks, which will offer an awesome range of fun stuff to do, be it surfing, fishing charters, or relaxing on one of the many great beaches!

Los Angeles to Santa Cruz, California (Highway 1 and Route 101)

This route is a classic for RVs but one of the more hectic pathways during Spring Break. However, it undeniably delivers by providing an amazing range of beaches and cool stopping points that are dotted along this incredibly stunning drive. Starting in southern California, head northwards to Santa Barbara which will offer a huge range of excellent restaurants and trendy bars as well as beachside parties and great nightlife. From here, depending on your specific interests and adventure needs, you can choose from a whole host of great beach spots as you travel through the incredible Big Sur towards Monterey, which offers some excellent bars and even the odd craft brewery too. For those with a keen interest in marine wildlife and adventure activities, Monterey rarely disappoints and it can be a great place to spend most of the road trip due to its proximity to LA. The final stop of your Spring Break road trip should probably include Santa Cruz, either to chill and hit the surf or embark on one of the many chartered fishing tours on offer.

Durango to Grand Junction, Colorado (various routes and highways)

If you’re looking to avoid the slightly younger crowds but are still in search of incredible experiences and an awesome scenic drive, then this is the route for you. Beginning in the picturesque town of Durango, the San Juan Skyway offers some of the finest scenic routes in the country, including awe-inspiring mountains and dense forestlands that host a range of outdoor adventure activities. However, the highways that traverse this stunning region are worthy alone of a visit and Route 550 (often referred to as the ‘Million Dollar Highway’) is an incredible stretch of road that will take you through mountain valleys and gorges of immense beauty. Highlights in the region include a great range of RV camping spots and some awesome hiking trails in the Rio Grande National Forest. The final stop of this itinerary, Grand Junction, has regularly featured as one of the best hunting and fishing destinations in the US and is a great place to end your Spring Break drive. Time to get moving!

A trip to Mahabaleshwar: travelers point

Mahabaleshwar is a place with perfect balance of spirituality, adventure and beautiful views that makes it a favorite travelling spot for travelers. You can enjoy your free day here in low budget Mahabaleshwar hotels; just you need to have a perfect plan and knowledge of places where you can visit. Mahabaleshwar is situated in state of Maharashtra. Basically Mahabaleshwar is considering as hill station that located in range of Western Ghats surrounded by evergreen lush forest. It was also known as summer capital during ruling age of British raj. It’s also connected with Krishna river that flows in border of Maharashtra, teliganna and Andhra Pradesh, well, as you now Mahabaleshwar is a basically a place of divine spots. Other than that, it have perfect climate for growing delicious strawberries and for your information, almost more than 85 percent strawberries are distributed from Mahabaleshwar.

Places to visit and things to do in Mahabaleshwar

Mumbai sunset spot

If you are staying in citrus chambers Mahabaleshwar, then the sunset point is not that far, it’s located near old road of Mumbai. Its breath taking view and beautiful varied colors can leave you in surprise; Mahabaleshwar is a place where you can feel the nature more closely.  Mumbai sunset point is soothing as well as pleasant place where you can enjoy the silence of nature that can relax your soul. It’s a perfect pace if you planning for family picnic

Mahabaleshwar temple

Those who have faith in god and its charisma, they should visit this place at least for one time in their whole life. You can say that it’s a place where you can feel the spiritual vibes in the air. As you know Mahabaleshwar is dedicated to lord Shiva and it has many divine places to visit. Mahabaleshwar temple was built in 16th century with beautiful touch of south India’s culture and architecture structure. It’s a place that witnesses the Martha ruler shivaji‘s kindness and bravery.

 Activity that you can do:  before you go back, don’t forget to do lots of shopping! Mahabaleshwar is an amazing place for you if you love shopping. Not only for shopaholics, there are some activates that you can do like, you can enjoy boating or you can have fun in beautiful farms. Not only that you can do horse riding, tracking. You will get wonderful experience and amazing memories that you will remember in your whole life.

Festival tours in Japan: Where you must visit

Japan is a country known for its rich culture and tradition which they follow and celebrate even after being one of the most modernized and technological advanced country. This attribute of the country makes it very desirable for travelling where you will come across Japanese vibrant culture and the festivals they celebrate, called as matsuri. Every year Japan hosts more than millions of tourists across the globe, coming to attend and celebrate 200 thousand festivals in different parts of Japan. If you are planning for the festival tour in Japan, you can go through various Japan festivals packages from online tour websites and contact them by clicking on ‘call us’ tab.

Top Japanese festival which you can include in your tour

  1. Sapporo Yosakoi Soran: Japan’s largest dance festival is spectacular festival event where you can see the cultural celebration of the more than 35,000 dancers distributed in 350 teams along with more than million audiences.
  2. Asakusa Samba Matsuri: It is one of the most interesting Tokyo tours which you can plan for as it is ancient and prized as Japan’s most traditional and vibrant international festival. It is one of the grand attractions of tourists.
  3. Nebuta Matsuri: Visit Aomori city in month of august, like nearly in first week and you will gaze the beautiful celebration of sight of large floating lanterns which looks extraordinarily in dark night. The artistic symbolisms of Japanese mythological character are imprinted in those lanterns which glow in dark.
  4. Tokushima Awa Odori: One of the most grand dance party cultural celebration which is itself enough popular to attract more than 1.5 million tourists to the country. Most of the festival tour packages have inclusion of this festival. You will see numerous dancers in traditional fancy dresses, playing taiko drums and group dancing. It is organized every year in second week of august in Tokushima City of Shikoku Island.

Know about most famous destinations of Albania

Albania is a little country but definitely there are many exciting things to do and see in the famous locations. Slowly, Albania is becoming one of the best tourist destination sites while it is popularly known to boast best example of the ottoman architecture all around the world along with stunningly fabulous beaches and clear Mediterranean air. You should also plan for the Albania holidays as it can be completely affordable trip while many times offered by the online trip planners. Your planning for the Albania can be best as this place is less crowded and much cheaper in comparison to other holiday countries.


People generally flock over here for the stunning sunsets and sightseeing beaches while this place can also become great to enjoy beautiful gardens and parks. You can also find large number of theaters, religious places and beaches at Albania. People planning for the trip should also know about the main destinations of Albania while some of them are listed below:

Albania Riviera

There is steep coastline in the southwest of the country that is much quite and less crowded as compared with Italian Riviera. The beautiful beaches would surely attract you for the sunbathing and swimming while major attractions and many new hotels would surely draw attention of the tourists. Behind the Albania beaches resort, people can also find number of dramatic mountains and small romantic villages.

Albania has also achieved its popularity as the important music location and numbers of international music festivals are also celebrated here. Some of the beaches are popularly known for their night clubs that mainly draw attention of youth across Europe to Albania Riviera.


This city forms wonderful combination of the western and eastern cultures, traditions, outlooks and costumes. It is located at the middle of the country at river Osum. This place holds an Albania history as the major treasure trove where people can also look for the original castle at the hills that also contains a district with number of mosques and churches while that is totally worth a watch. The houses of this city are with large window frontages while this place is also called as city of thousand windows.


Tirana is the capital city of Albania and you can search for many of the best places at Tirana. This city is quite affordable and you can also meet majority of Albania locals. Surprisingly both the excellent drinks and good food are offered at very cheap prices. The most important place of Tirana is Skanderbeg square where you can find national historical museum.

Llogara pass

This is one of the most famous places of Albania that can provide spectacular drive. The long road travels above the sea level and majestic view would surely take your breath away. You can also find some of the unique or ideal places for the enjoyment with the good range of restaurants and with most stunning sites. Definitely, llogara national park is home for animals like European wild cat, golden eagle and fallow deer.